10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Home Inspections in the Corning/Horseheads Area

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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Home Inspections in the Corning/Horseheads Area

There are a lot of reasons to come to your Corning/Horseheads home inspection appointment. The biggest one is that it gives you the opportunity to ask a lot of questions. At Precision Home Inspection of the Twin Tiers, we always encourage prospective homeowners to join us. If you can only make it for part of your inspection, that’s OK. You’re welcome to join us for the entire appointment. That way, you can be sure that all of your questions are answered.

There are certain questions that new homeowners are likely to ask. We’d like to take a moment and cover the top 10 right here.

Top Ten FAQs Regarding Your Corning/Horseheads Home Inspections

  1. What are your qualifications? – You’re not going to offend anyone by asking about experience and qualifications. It’s best to choose a home inspection company that has a lot of experience and a background in construction. Also look at their education. Have they done just the minimum requirements? Or do they go above and beyond? You need to know they’re going to do the job well.
  2. Do you have references? – A home inspector should be happy to provide you with references. Today, you can learn a lot about a company by checking reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Be sure to do your research before you hire anyone.
  3. Can I do the inspection myself, or have a family member do it? – Usually the home owner will not allow you to investigate as much as a home inspector can. We will crawl in things like the attic and crawl spaces. We also can remove covers to mechanical and electrical equipment. We also do this every day and our eyes become trained to look for things. And finally, sometimes certain mortgages require a licensed home inspector to perform the inspection. You wouldn’t want to perform surgery on a relative and you shouldn’t perform your own inspection.
  4. What will be covered under this inspection? – Every home inspection company is different, so find out what they will cover. They should include information on the foundation, roof, electric and other essentials. The minimum requirements can be found at https://www.dos.ny.gov/licensing/homeinspect/hinspect_ethics.html. Choose a company that goes above and beyond for you. Do they offer warranties? Do they use the latest tools?
  5. How long will my home inspection take? – This really depends on the size of the home, but you should plan on it taking a few hours. The typical inspection takes between 3-4 hours to complete. Larger homes may take longer.
  6. What happens if problems are found during the inspection? – Your inspector will discuss with you the findings and provide you with a detailed report that includes any problems. You should then talk to your lawyer and/or Real Estate agent to determine what comes next.
  7. How long will I have to wait for my home inspection report? – Your home inspection report should be available to you fairly quickly. Many inspectors can provide it to you within 24-48 hours. NYS requires that the report be available within 5 days. The good ones provide it the same day.
  8. What should I do with my home inspection report once I receive it? – The home inspection report can be used to help with the negotiation of any items that may need to be fixed. Talk this over with your agent. It is also a great repair/maintenance list that you can use once you own the home. Most reports have great information about all the aspects of your home.
  9. Are there any specific services I should be requesting? – NYS and PA have high levels of radon. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. So, it’s usually a good idea to ask for a radon test; especially if the basement will be used as living space. Other services you may want to consider include septic inspection and water quality testing.
  10. How much will my home inspection cost? – Again, every company is different. It’s wise to plan on between $300 and $500. Choosing a home inspector strictly based on price is not always a good idea. Do your research and choose an inspector that offers value at a good price.

Choosing Precision Home Inspection for Your New Corning/Horseheads Home Makes Sense!

We promise top-of-the-line service with every inspection we perform. We’re also happy to answer all of your questions, whether it’s before, during or after your home is inspected. Contact us today to make your appointment!