Infrared Technology in Home Inspections

Posted on: February 3, 2016 by in Blog
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Advantages of Infrared Technology

There are many tools available to a home inspector that help provide a quality inspection, but perhaps none is as innovative and versatile as the Infrared camera.  It has the ability to read heat and display it as color, which gives the inspector a more thorough understanding of the building and its components.


Infrared cameras take heat signatures and display them in a gradient scale with warmer surfaces displaying as lighter color and cooler surfaces displaying as darker colors.  Infrared, also known as thermography or thermal imaging, allows for the inspector to take thermal images of the home and display them along side of digital images of the same area.  This allows for obvious visible problems to be shown, and with infrared, the not so obvious as well.  These images, along with further investigation, help determine if there is a problem, and even possibly its cause.

Infrared technology offers a vast array of possibilities in a home inspection.  Thermal imaging may be used to show electrical problems, moisture issues, air and heat movement, and insulation issues.  This gives a better more detailed report and also indicates improvements to save on energy costs.  A better report is what every home inspector should strive for.  Infrared takes the guessing out of the equation that many ineffective home inspectors resort to when faced with an issue that may or may not be present.  For example, if there is an old water stain present, infrared  can be used to determine whether there is still moisture and whether further investigation or remediation may actually be necessary.

Ultimately, thermal imaging gives the client, homeowner, agent, and inspector peace of mind during the home buying process.  It’s a tool that has the potential to indicate the true condition of a home, rather than an inspector’s educated guess.  It’s a tool every home inspector should have.


The Infrared Advantages for Home Inspection



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