Advice for Sellers: How to Prepare for Your Ithaca Home Inspection

Posted on: May 31, 2018 by in Home Inspection, Home Inspector, Ithaca, NY, Twin Tiers
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Advice for Sellers: How to Prepare for Your Ithaca Home Inspection

The moment your real estate agent tells you there’s an offer on your home is very exciting. You go back and forth a bit with the negotiations, and finally, you settle on a number that works for both sides. Once you’ve signed the contract, you know it’s for real, and it’s time for you to prepare for the home inspection.

At Precision Home Inspection, we can tell you that we’ve seen it all! We’ve inspected all kinds of homes throughout Ithaca and elsewhere in the Twin Tiers. It’s always nice when the homeowners prepare the house for us before we arrive. It can definitely make the process much easier. Today, we’d like to offer you some tips to help you get ready for your inspection.

Do Some Cleaning

It might seem like such a no-brainer, but it’s something that homeowners will frequently overlook. Keep in mind that your inspector is a person before they’re an inspector. That means that when they walk through the door, they’re looking for a first impression. That impression will give them an idea of how well the home has been taken care of. You want to present your home in a way that says you have maintained it well.

Make Sure the Utilities are Connected

If you’re not living in the home, you may consider turning the utilities off. After all, who wants to pay an electric bill when you’re not even there to use it? However, you should leave it on, even if the house is vacant. Otherwise, the inspector won’t be able to check for reverse polarity or for other potential issues.

There’s a good chance that the inspection won’t be able to be completed if you don’t have the utilities on. If the buyers need to reschedule to give you time to turn them back on, your closing could be delayed.

Provide Adequate Workspace for the Inspector

Your home inspector needs to have enough space to gain access to different places in your home. They need to get to the furnace, water heater and all of the appliances. It’s helpful to make sure that these areas are clear of boxes and other items that might be in the way. It’s a good idea to clear enough space so that the inspector has between three and four feet of room.

You’ll also want to be sure the inspector can access the attic and basement. They’re likely to spend a lot of time in these spaces. The basement, especially, is a key part of the inspection.

It’s an exciting time when you’ve sold your house. If you’re a buyer and you’ve just signed an offer on a home, getting an inspection is usually the first thing that comes to your mind. If you’re selling your home, you may want to consider having it pre-inspected. That’s often a great feature that buyers appreciate.

When you choose Precision Home Inspection, you get so much more than just an inspection. You’ll also receive many warranties that can help you throughout the moving process and beyond.

We make it easy for you! You can schedule your inspection online through our website. We’re also here to answer any questions you might have. Contact us!