Your Elmira Home Inspection Report: What’s Included and What You Can Expect

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Your Elmira Home Inspection Report: What’s Included and What You Can Expect

Getting a home inspection in Elmira, NY can be both nerve-racking and exciting for buyers and sellers. If you’re the seller, you’re hoping that nothing is found that might result in a renegotiation, or worse, the buyer backing out altogether. If you’re the buyer, you’re hoping that the inspector finds nothing but good things, which means you can proceed with the sale.

Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, you’re obviously curious to know what you’re going to find in your report. Here at Precision Home Inspection, our goal is to protect your new investment if you’re buying a house in Elmira. It can be hard to spell out the details when critical issues are found. However, it’s our job to be sure you know everything possible about your new home.

Having said that, let’s get right down to what you’ll be seeing in your home inspection report.

The Inspection Report Should Detail Your Home’s Structural Components

This includes information on the foundation and how the home is framed. It’s easy to miss problems with the foundation if you’re not trained to know what to look for. In fact, what appears to be a minor crack could potentially end up costing thousands of dollars to fix if it’s not repaired.

The framing of the house is also important. You would think that anyone building a house would be careful to frame it correctly. However, this isn’t always the case. It’s not uncommon to find crooked studs, beams and headers. On the other hand, sometimes houses can sag over time, and framing can be corrected. This is information you need to know before you close on a house in Elmira, even if it’s the home of your dreams.

Your Home Inspector Should Include Data on Exterior Features

You might love the home’s porch or balcony, but you also might not be able to see the potential problems. It’s your home inspector’s job to check these features for any issues; both immediate and in the future. They’ll also be looking closely at the siding, soffit, walkways, driveway and railings.

Usually, the findings are minor, and can easily be corrected once you’re in the home. However, you want to be sure you’re not putting money into a house that will need major repairs down the road. Something that only looks like a cosmetic defect can end up becoming a big money-drainer in the years to come.

What You Get When You Choose Precision Home Inspection as Your Elmira Home Inspector

You’ll be getting all of the above, plus a lot more. We include hundreds of pictures to go along with our reports. If there’s an issue, you’ll see exactly what we’re referring to in the pictures. We take our time when we inspect homes in the Twin Tiers. In fact, we treat each and every house as though it were our own.

It’s impossible to include everything here that you’ll find in your home inspection report. Come along for your inspection and you’ll see just how thorough we are!

To make your appointment for your Elmira home inspection, please contact us!