Homeownership 101: Here’s What You Need to Know if You’re Buying Your First Home – Part One

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Homeownership 101: Here’s What You Need to Know if You’re Buying Your First Home – Part One

At Precision Home Inspection, one of the parts of our job that we love the most is working with new homeowners. These are the people who always attend their inspections, and they ask lots of questions. They are so excited about this new season of their lives, and it is great for us to be a part of that.

If you are planning on buying your first home, there is so much you need to know. In fact, we decided to split this post up into two different parts just so we can give you all the information. Let’s talk in more detail about the information every new homeowner needs to know.

Choose Your Realtor Carefully

The first person you talk to about your new home will probably be your realtor. You may be tempted to choose someone you know because they are your friend and you want to give them the business. It would be wise for you to reconsider.

You want your realtor to be tough, and you may need them to fight for you in negotiations. At the same time, you may have to have some difficult conversations with them, which can be awkward when you’re working with a close friend or relative. Choose someone who will work hard for you during every stage of the process. Contrary to popular belief, the realtor’s job does not end once the contract is signed. They may need to go to bat for you again and again in the months ahead.

Use Caution When Signing Any Contracts

When it comes time to sign the contract and make an offer, you will probably be really excited. After all, you have just found a gem, and you do not want someone else to swoop in with a better offer.

Take a deep breath. You need to look all of the paperwork over carefully before you sign it. Make sure the contract contains all of your provisions, and ask any questions before you sign it. Trust us, there is a lot to learn about contracts, and you need to take some time to make sure it’s what you want to do.

Think About the Future Before You Purchase

When buying a house, you do not want to purchase the home you need today, necessarily. You should also think about what happens long-term in your life. For example, you could end up with a house that has five bedrooms in ten years when all of your kids are gone. That is a lot of extra space that you don’t need.

This is a very exciting time in your life, and here at Precision Home Inspection, we are thrilled to be a part of it with you.

If you haven’t scheduled your home inspection yet, there is no better time than the present. We have made it easy for you to schedule it online, or you can call us 24/7.

We look forward to inspecting your home!