Checking the Roof of Your New House

Posted on: February 8, 2018 by in Home Inspection, Home Inspector, Ithaca, NY
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What Does an Ithaca Home Inspector Look for When Checking the Roof of Your New House?

You’re thrilled with the Ithaca home you’ve chosen to purchase. However, now that you have made your decision, it’s time to think about scheduling a home inspection. As you may know, inspecting the roof is something that will be a part of that.

No doubt when you were looking at houses, you asked about the age of the roof. This is because your roof matters. They’re expensive to replace, and most people aren’t interested in doing that shortly after they move in.

At Precision Home Inspection, we’re careful to examine the roof of every Ithaca home we inspect. We know you’re looking for peace of mind, and we want to give it to you. However, we also want to be sure you know about any potential problems. Let’s talk about what we’re looking for when we’re checking out your new home’s roof.

Should Your Inspector Walk the Roof?

Yes, if possible. It’s not always possible due to the weather or other circumstances. Also, we won’t walk on tile roofs. We use a great camera that is capable of getting some fantastic shots of high roofs. However, there’s really no substitute for having your feet on it. That allows us to get up close and personal with everything we need to see.

The Layers of Shingles and Their Condition

Most people assume that their roof is only going to have one layer of shingles. This just isn’t the case. Many of them have more than that, although you can’t have more than three. It’s good for homeowners to know how many layers are there.

After we look at the layers, we assess the overall condition of the shingles. It’s not always easy to tell from the ground if any are damaged or missing. You can also have loose shingles, which can lead to leaking eventually.

What Else is Found on Your Roof?

There are more than just shingles up there, and many homeowners aren’t aware of this. We look for flashings and make sure they’re installed right. Plumbing vents are also found on the roof, and we check that carefully. It needs to be the right height, and codes can change from time to time.

We’re also looking at your chimney. Chimneys are required to be two feet above and within ten feet of the roof. If the chimney needs to be cleaned, we’ll tell you that as well, and we’ll check for any leaks surrounding it.

One of the worst things that could happen to you is to move into your new home and end up with a roof problem. When you choose Precision Home Inspection to inspect your Ithaca home, you’ll have no worries. Not only will we do an excellent job, but we also offer a Five-Year Roof Protection Plan (check out this post to read all about it!).

If you’ve gone under contract for a new home in Ithaca, NY, it’s time to think about your home inspection. We can help! You’ll love our friendly service, and you’re invited along to ask any questions you may have about your purchase.

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