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Septic System Dye Testing Ithaca

A dye test is a relatively low cost, non-invasive method for testing of private sewage treatment

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systems. It is a limited, performance based test. This test does not provide a guarantee of the present, or future, performance of the system.

Septic System and Dye Testing often requested by home owners, involve flushing a special florescent dye down a toilet or other drain combined with a known quantity of water sufficient to put a working load on the septic system.

If waste water leaks to the ground surface (an unsanitary condition indicating serious septic problem) one may find dye in that water provided the septic system is flowing at common rates.

Dyed effluent usually appears in 15-25 minutes on a failed system but can take up to four to five days to show up. If at a building inspection suspect wet areas are observed we recommend another dye test even if one was not previously requested.

When wet areas are not found (or created by running water into the septic system) on the property being inspected, dye tests may still be performed to meet requirements of some homeowners.







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