The Top 4 Tools That All Elmira Home Inspectors Should Use

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The Top 4 Tools That All Elmira Home Inspectors Should Use

There’s nothing we love more than inspecting homes in the Elmira area. It’s something we’re passionate about, here at Precision Home Inspection, but we can’t do our jobs well unless we have the proper tools.

Did you know that in order to inspect a home and comply with the InterNACHI Standards of Practice, your home inspector is only required to have two tools? They must have a flashlight and an electrical tester to test ground-fault circuit interrupter devices. That’s it.

In our opinion, that’s not enough. Let’s talk about everything we bring along with us so we’re prepared to provide you with a precise inspection.

Moisture Meters and Infrared Cameras

Not everything in your new home will be visible with the naked eye. A moisture meter and/or an infrared camera can help detect even the smallest problems before they become major ones. Using these tools offer you more insight into your home. The last thing you want to have to deal with is mold, but don’t worry. If it’s there, we’ll find it.

A Top-of-the-Line Camera

Whenever possible, you’ll find us getting on top of the roof to personally inspect its condition. However, you can probably guess that it’s not always possible. Some rooftops are very steep, and with the snow we get in New York and Pennsylvania, it’s not always safe to climb on top of them.

Using a camera allows us to capture pictures as if we were standing on the roof ourselves. We can get all kinds of angles, so you can be assured that your roof has been well inspected.

A Combustible Gas Detector

A lot of home inspectors will use their noses to check for natural gas and propane leaks. It is fairly easy to detect them with this method, but we prefer something a little more precise. You’ll find use using our combustible gas detector to check for leaks when we’re inspecting the basement. It works to give both us and our customers peace of mind.

A Crawlbot

We have to admit that the crawlbot is one of our favorite tools. It is essentially a remote controlled robot on wheels, and we can use it to get into very tight spaces. It has a camera attached to it that allows us to record video and take pictures. This is a handy tool for crawl spaces, behind ductwork and in all kinds of places in the homes we inspect.

Inspecting a home is hard work that should only ever be done by a professional. We know exactly what to look for to determine if a home is structurally sound. We can also identify problems that might occur in the future. The equipment we use matters, and it’s what sets us apart from other home inspectors in the area.

Have you been shopping around for a home inspector in Elmira? Look no further! Our services come with a lot of warranties and services that you won’t find anywhere else. You can contact us anytime of the day or night because we’re always open. If it’s easier, feel free to make your appointment online directly through our website.

We look forward to inspecting your home!